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Twitch Stick
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Yo, Bass!
Yo, Bass!
Smash Shad
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Live Series
live Series

Hard Baits

Classic to cutting edge, Storm Hard Baits offers features other baits only wished they had. Body shapes and sizes to match any condition with features like external scale patterns, MadFlash holographics, 3-D holographic eyes, premium VMC® hooks to start.

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Soft Baits

From small streams to open water, there’s a bait to match your prey in the Storm Soft Plastics tacklebox. All baits come pre-rigged with premium, heavy-duty hardware and VMC® hooks and swimming weights where applicable. Storm soft plastics let you “Think like a fish.”

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UV Bright

UV Bright finish reflects more light energy, strengthening the lure’s visibility. Our UV finishes are a unique combination of fluorescent paints, reflective surfaces and optical brighteners that make the lures more brilliant in any light. They have proven to be very effective for all species in situations where fish are feeding by sight.